Teacher Testimonials

Here is what Teachers in our schools have to say about using technology in the classroom this year.

“I can’t teach without technology.”-Alison Allen, Grade 8 Teacher, ORS

“It’s a learning curve, a balancing act…but i know I will figure it out.  I already have plans for next year!-Deidre McQuade, Grade 7/8 Teacher, ORS

“Technology has filled a void that I had when teaching curriculum that required current, up to date, interactive content.  I could never go back to teaching without it!”-Laura Salinas, Grade 6 Teacher, ORS

“Technology has leveled the playing field for our special needs students.  It allows students to meet their full potential and be successful at school in situation where they might not otherwise be.”-Natasha Mousseau, SERT, ORS

“It’s a great learning experience.  It allows students to be more independent and they become more responsible for their own learning.  There is immediate feedback in a language program when they can type in a word, hear it pronounced, record their own voices saying the word, then hear themselves saying it.”-Viviane Bernauer, FSL Teacher, ORS


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