Planning for SMART

As staffing is all the buzz in our school board, and in most areas, educators speculate their fate for the fall, it goes without saying that there is also chatter about who-gets-what tech. For many, we can’t imagine being in a space WITHOUT a SMART Board.
(One time a fearless teacher conducted an experiment about teaching without her class set of netbooks, including her own computer, and she claimed this was “the worst week of her life… Never Again.”)
So, for those of us at KPDSB who are getting geared up for having an interactive white board for the first time ever, (congratulations, Kelly Ogilvie!), here is a great little article from ETFO on planning to use SMART.
Other great SMART resources can be found on Facebook and online, and there are lessons integrating the boards constantly being added on OERB.
For those among us who desire an update on using the SMART Board (and don’t want a repeat of the ONE SESSION I WAS INVITED TO), let your technology teacher know you’re interested and we can plan a part 2 session.


*We also have in our arsenal a great pile of DIY tutorials and blogs to follow to get tips on your own time, personalized just for you. Just ask!

And so you know, I’m feeling a little less SMART myself, as we speak, as I’m stared down with an icy glaze by the image below:the ugly void


What’s Your Entry Level?

multiple entry points -> multiple layers

As a collective, we have been exploring the various entry points with regards to technology in the classroom. Are you a technophobe? A newbie? A Beginner?

Or are you somewhat comfortable with using computers.. laptops… netbooks… iPads? Do you know what a blog is, use one regularly? Are you connected to others through social networking or other online communities?

Regardless of your entry point, there is a place for growth. The trick is to find a comfortable fit for you.
Take a look at the SAMR Model-

Where are you now?
Where would you like to go?

Set a goal- and let’s share!