Students at Lakewood have been using a class blog page since September. Soon after, students began expressing interest in creating their own PERSONAL blogs, so it became clear that we would have some work to do on digital citizenship and Internet Safety.

We decided to use a very student-friendly and secure web tool calledKidblog.

 With Kidblog, we are able to create a safe environment where students can learn how to create quality blog posts and comment on eachother’s work, within the safe confines a teacher-monitored domain.

Every student has their own blog page, and can personalize it as they see fit.

In a short time, students moved from consumers to creators, and bumped up their critical thinking by exploring a variety of curriculum-related topics.

Below is a sample of a grade 5 student’s blog post:

Students are continuing to “tweak” their comments before inviting their families and friends to view their blogs, soon to be released to the public during Education Week this May.  Stay tuned!