No Harlem Shake on this VideoStar

Blog - VideostarHas anyone else spent innumerable hours viewing Harlem Shake videos OR been inundated with email forwards of random teddy bears, Pepsi Cans or celebrities doing the Harlem Shake? If not, then, ummmmm ME NEITHER!  🙂

If you have, though, you might want to think about how you could use this concept in your classroom. Fun music, still shots and short video segments can be easily assembled to show learning in a specific area. Imagine your students finishing a unit on Canada – uploading a Canadian song, adding images and video of Canadian content and then sharing with their class! Or selecting a song to represent a novel, and adding in key quotes and videoing tableau scenes to show mood. Maybe it could be used in Science as well? I’m thinking of putting “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister with video of science structures that couldn’t hold up textbooks! Seriously, the possibilities are endless!

The free app, Video Star is a great app for this (did I mention it’s free!). Students love taking videos, and with the music integration, it’s a sure hit for student engagement. It’s really easy to use (my son and I learned how to use it on the fly last week), but there is also a youtube channel with tutorials.  Other apps will do the same thing – just find the one that you like!

So if the Harlem Shake’s not your style, maybe create your own video that shows your learning!  And if you’re so inclined, please share it with your school community (or in the comments below!).


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