Using Google Forms and Flubaroo for Assessment

At a recent PLC, one of the highway 105 teachers asked about online assessment tools that she could use for diagnostic, formative or summative assessment. At the time, I rounded up a few websites and passed them on to her. With my assignment this year being focused on Literacy and History, I haven’t used any kind of tech-based assessment like quizlet or That Quiz. But, a few days ago, another teacher advised me that she had recently started using Google Forms for assessment in her Math class.

Blog - Google FormsIn Google Forms, you can create quizzes with various response options (multiple choice, written answer, scale, grid). Students are sent the link to the quiz and can complete it with their netbooks. As well, by adding in a Flubaroo script, the responses can be tabulated and presented in a spreadsheet – making it very easy for the Math teacher to see at a glance which concepts need to be revisited.

Blog - FlubarooTo see how to easily create a Google Forms test, check out this five minute video. To see how Flubaroo can tabulate the data and save you time, check out this video. To complete a test on what was written in this blog post, see this link!

To view more options for online assessment tools, check out this blog post at Free Technology for Teachers.

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂


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