iPad PD- September 28

This session is self-directed and you will want to have both your iPad and your laptop handy. The directions and videos will be on this page, while the discovery portion will occur between you and your iPad. Simply scan the headings below and enter at the point where you feel comfortable. Remember to start a wish list of the apps that you want for your classroom!

Premie – born early into iPad world!
If you’ve never touched an iPad before, watch this 2 minute video (twice if you need to!) which explains the navigational tools available in the ipad. (Contains some shortcuts, that even experienced users will benefit from.)

Newborn – born anxious and ready to enter iPad world!
If you’ve used an iPod or an iPad before, start at this video which explains how to download apps from the App Store.

School Age – ready to learn!
If you’re ready to go and learn with an iPad, then start at any of the following links. When we meet together at the end of this session, we will share and problem solve (see end of page).


Literacy 1
Literacy Free (note the tabs at the top of the page)

Literacy Paid

Music Free

Music Paid


Numeracy Free (note the tabs at the top of the page)

Numeracy Paid (note the tabs at the top of the page)


Science 1
Science 2

Special Education – thorough list and also see manual I’ve provided here

Special Education (apps organized by needs!)

Whole Group discussion and questions about iPad use

1. How will you use these iPads in the classroom? What kind of organizational obstacles will you face? How can your principal and tech support you?
2. Where will you start with the iPads? Literacy? Numeracy? Art? How will you teach higher-order thinking skills with the iPads?
3. How will you identify quality apps? How can you share your knowledge?
4. What type of guidelines will your school have for app purchases?
5. Tell the name of one or more apps that you think you might use in your classroom. How will you use it?

Purchasing and Use Information

KPDSB IT has set up accounts for each school and all of the iPads within a school are on one account. You cannot use your own itunes account for these iPads. Funds for app purchases will be loaded via an itunes gift card which will be done by the principal. Each principal will provide guidelines as to how much classrooms will spend on apps. Communication amongst primary teachers is essential as many apps provide a wide learning range and in some cases (like Numeracy) might provide practice in a skill right from kindergarten to grade 3! We don’t want to waste money with apps that do the same thing. All teachers will have the purchase password, and are encouraged to download free and paid apps that suit their students’ needs. Students are not to be given the password. Some settings have been locked on by the IT department.

Need inspiration? Go to youtube and search ipads in the classroom. Watch a couple of videos to see how schools across Canada and the US are using iPads. I liked this one!


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