Kindergarten Goes Global

In a Cycle of Inquiry, students in Ann McDonald’s kindergarten class wanted to learn more about rocks. Where better than to learn about rocks than by checking in with the experts?


Enter, The Smithsonian.


With the help of free communication tool Skype, teachers and students met almost face-to-face with curators from the world-class museum, in what turned out to be not only a first for kindergarten students, but for the folks at the Smithsonian as well. The experience was a meaningful experience for all of those involved, as the experts had sent actual rock samples to the school beforehand and were able to hold up the same samples as they shared in real-time with the class at Lakewood.

There were endless thanks given on both ends as the session concluded, and a copy of our little Animoto video was shared with the museum as they hope to use visuals like this to encourage management to allow subsequent connections to be made with other students across the world. Our five-year-olds may not know the big-picture impact of this learning experience on others, but they sure were excited to ask the “tough questions” to their panel of experts!

(click link to view video of our Skype with the Smithsonian)


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